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  • I’m Taylor Price, also known online as @pricelesstay.

  • Born in Upstate NY, graduated at 20 years old from SUNY Albany with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Management ’20, sipping on some boba along the way!

  • Pioneered the financial literacy movement on TikTok starting in Dec. ’19 and grew over 1,000,000 followers to date, working with companies like TurboTax, Public, SoFi, KeyBank, Quickbooks, and have been featured on Good Morning America, Fox Business, WSJ, Yahoo Finance, Business Insider, and more.

“Taylor is an amazing content creator living in the future. She has built a fantastic following on TikTok, and has been able to really help support us via her content! She’s a pleasure to work with and highly recommend her to any other startup!”

Chris Lu @ Copy.ai

“Follow @pricelesstayy because I have EVERY confidence she’s going to change the world 💪”

Li Jin @ Atelier

Social Media | TikTok 🤳

It’s not a want. You NEED to have a social presence. Social media can seem hard to get started…there’s a lot of different sites, a lot of different rules. Just knowing what to do can be an entire headache! I’ll show you all the basics of TikTok ( the most trending platform as of the time I write this) so that you can get started, and know how to use social media effectively for your business.

There are countless brands, small businesses and even some individuals who have never intended on having a social media presence but choose to take advantage of it in order to expand their business or become more interactive with their fans, customers and other followers (Priceless peeps, that was me! I started off as a blog to a vlog, to TikTok with business in mind). For some companies, social media is the perfect combination of marketing strategy and customer relations campaign that works especially well for them as long as they know how to execute it correctly.

What is TikTok?

Have you ever wondered, “What is TikTok?” If so, you are certainly not alone. As one of the hottest apps around, TikTok has captivated millions of social media users and businesses with its short length videos. Its popular because its fun but also because it’s the fastest way to gain followers for social media platforms. Let’s explore what it is and see how you can join the hype.

TikTok is a video-based platform that focuses on bite sized content composed of 15-60 second videos – unlike YouTubes long form videos. TikTok is growing at an exponential rate. Millions of users are signed up and using this app with a purpose to creating short videos with text, music, special effects and sometimes even bot characters. It has quickly become one of the most popular apps for creative content creators across the globe. Tiktok allows anyone to create videos and turn them into acquisition opportunities for retailers. Think of it like YouTube – it’s tutorials, guides, and lesson plans that teach users how to market products or services on their own.

Audiences on TikTok

EVERYONE is on TikTok – no, it’s not just for Gen Z. With regard to its attractive design and function user-friendly, it adds to the charm of people because it is widely used by all age groups below 18 years old until 50+.

Examples from ‘older’ creators on TikTok:

Educational and entertaining, Your Korean Dad

Shoutout to the Godfather of Finance TikTok, Mark Tilbury

Types of videos on TikTok

Most video files on TikTok are short, between 7 and 40 seconds long. These typically include scenic views, sports highlights, interesting conversation styles or events. There’s also text-based videos that contain short phrases—for example, ‘He opened the package and saw a note’ or ‘I enjoyed the time with my lovely friends.’

Some popular niches include dance, educational, entertainment, or reactions. TikTok offers a variety of videos, some short and some long. Some are music videos, some are interviews and others may be interspersed with ads or other promotions. So how do you find the best ones?

💡 Establishing a clear niche on any social platforms helps drive and build community.

When you first download TikTok, it’s available for all sorts of niche market videos. You’ll be shocked to learn that this is just a small fraction of the TikTok library. The platform is constantly growing and adding new features which means there’s plenty of room for creativity and original thinking!

Examples of different style TikTok’s include:

This is what makes TikTok different! Being able to openly share your feelings with people… something from Instagram.

This type of video is called POV- or Point of View. It’s very fun to do for educational videos for more entertainment.

TikTok Components

Likes, comments, shares, follower count, hashtags, etc.

Hashtags, likes and shares. These are some of the most important metrics for building a social media presence that companies use to decide on their social media strategy.

Stitch + Duet

Video editing features that are formed on the basis of communicating with your community or someone else’s community.

A stitch begins with a clip from someone else’s video and you react using your own video.

This is what a duet looks like… typically these are reactions of sorts.


Livestream is a great way to engage your audience from the comfort of your own home. It’s an innovative way to connect with your audience, while getting a lot of interaction from them too. TikTok has proven that videos can be viral and easily shareable. This means that you can easily promote a product or event and reach a large audience without having to pay for advertising or paying for carrier billing. The best part about it is that you don’t have to worry about recording content yourself or worrying about technical skills, all you need is a cam and a smartphone. And users have reported that they love watching live streams because of the proper lighting and atmosphere created by creators(s).

💡 Your followers will get a push notification that you’re live! So if you just posted a video, try and go live around that time!

If you wanted to host a livestream on multiple platforms or make your livestream ‘fancy’, check out Loola.tv – it will save you all the bustle and hustle trying to set up a stream!

Playlists (new feature)

Create a playlist for your audience to binge a series. Eg. ‘StockTok’ or ‘Side Hustles’…

My Keys to Success on TikTok

🔑 Creating concise videos

  • Shorter videos < 22 seconds

  • Easy to understand – no jargon, get to your point

🔑 Stay consistent

  • Create a posting schedule or outsource content creation

  • *For busy founders, content batching is your BFF…. Film on Monday’s for 2-3 hours and edit on Tuesday’s to have videos ready to post throughout the week or whatever times work for you

🔑 Engaging with community

  • You can do this through answering comments, going on livestreams, dueting/stitching videos, reply to a comment with a video

🔑 Text on video

  • Many people watch videos in silence + it helps with entertainment or being inclusive to audiences who are hearing impaired

  • Use the app CapCut or manually upload text to video

💡 Miscalculations, misspells, weird things in background of your video all increase engagement and watch time.

🔑 Keep focal point within viewing range

  • People tune into TikTok on different devices – format your videos accordingly.

 Social Media FAQs

  • On TikTok, I try and go for daily at least!

  • Up to your goals. The long term commitment is creating your own account and having the license to reuse the content talent created to republish on your own. The short term commitment is paying off talent to quickly make content on their channel which already has a following.

  • Watch time is the most important metric for TikTok – the more someone watches your video over and over again, the more watch time you get…. butI swear, the videos that I expect it least are the ones that go the most viral. So I have no clear answer for this! One tip I do suggest is to take a look at others viral videos and recreate that style with your own flair.

    💡 All the information you need is online. It’s about the curation of information at this point in time. **Be the curator people want to see or relate to.**

    Another tip – creating a seamless ‘Loop’ (a video you don’t know when the end or start is) will help increase watch time.

  • A team member, an content creator, an intern (high school or college student).

  • You have to be aware of the things you put out on social media that could be disrespectful to peoples values. When you disrespect that, you can get canceled aka no one wants to follow your brand anymore.

  • Yes. When you start a TikTok, immediately link your Instagram to TikTok and a YouTube account if you ever plan on expanding there.

  • I use about 4-5. I create my own for different series. I use at least 1 that’s trending. I use generalized ones like #money so TikTok can know that I talk about money and finance.

If you see the potential in creating, let’s chat

Influencer Marketing 📈👯‍♀️💯

Most people buy from people, not from brands – think Elon Musk / Tesla. This is the whole idea behind influencer marketing where you partner with influential figures to promote your brand or content. Influencer marketing can benefit your business in a multitude of ways — but not without the right connections and planning. It’s no secret that influencers are the new celebrities. They have a massive following thanks to the way social media allow people to connect, share, and build relationships in real-time all over the world.

Contrary to what you might think, when it comes to influencer marketing it is not all about the money. Yes, there are monetary benefits of working with an influencer but they don’t always have the biggest impact on your campaign. The largest impact you get from using an influencer has nothing to do with their social media following. It’s about a few things:

  1. Endorsement they provide for your brand

  2. Exposure the bring to your brand

  3. Value they provide in helping shape your product or service

How does Influencer marketing work?

Brand (you) interact with Talent (me) on social media posts – comment, like, and engage with me! Make me aware of your existence and that you actually care about me as a person! If you do this, you have a way higher chance of working with a creator.


Brand reaches out to Talent via DM or Email (email is prefered). When sending email, personalize it! Start with the talent. Then go into who you are and what you’re doing.


Talent is interested. Send them a creative brief and request a call or Zoom chat and a media kit.


Talent will then negotiate with you on budget, terms, etc and brand agrees.


Brand sends contract to talent to sign and talent signs. Brand signs contract and sends talent fully signed contract to keep for records. Brand requests invoice, banking info, and W9 from talent.


Talent creates first draft of script or creative concept and sends to Brand.


Brand reviews with creative and compliance team and continues the back and forth process until it is approved. *Tip – the clearer your creative brief is, the easily it will be on both parties. Including a Dos and Donts helps a lot here.


Once script is approved, Talent will record or present draft and send to brand.


Brand sends draft to compliance for approval, this may need multiple iterations again. Finally, it get’s approved. If you want a link in bio, please send link for Talent to use and include the time of Link in bio within contract.


Talent posts media or hands over final media for your use. After a few days, Talent will send analytics to you on how the post went (sometimes, you need to request this as a brand).


Brand then pays Talent at due date of invoice (typically N30 after signing contract).


Relationship is formed – you can ask talent if they want to establish a longer term relationship if the ships sails smoothly!

Here’s what you need to provide when presenting a campaign to talent/influencer

  • Creative Brief

  • Know your budget

  • IP & Licensing

    • Do you want to own the IP to the content?

    • If yes, how long do you want the content to be licensed for?

    • If yes, what platforms will you be placing the content on?

      • For how long?

    • *You will pay extra for this

  • Exclusivity

    • Are talent able to work with other companies in the same field? If not, for how long?

    • *You will pay extra for this

  • Duration

    • How long will the video live on talent/brand profile?

  • Work for Hire

    • Is this a work for hire gig? Does the brand want to own all the rights and can place your name and face everywhere forever?

  • Partnership

    • Is this a one time deal or longer term partnership?

    • From my experience, content creators value long term partnerships more than quick deals.

Here’s what you need when in a signed partnership with talent/influencer

  • Easy way of communication

    • Email or text

  • Compliance team

    • You need this for yourself and protection of influencer

  • Talent’s bank information, an invoice from talent, and W9

  • Way to measure metrics

    • Talent analytics

    • Bit.ly link to track clicks for link in bio

 Influencer Marketing FAQs

  • Gifts – Send a PR package to influencer to post on social with the hopes they’ll post (good faith).

    Equity – Incentives influencer to post whenever about your product or service since they are part owner. WIth this method, an influencer also helps shape the product or service using their social distribution and broader tailwinds. I’ve seen this typically in early stage startups.

    Cash + Equity (what I personally value the most) – The mix is for security – shows talent you are really serious about the company and it’s growth. This is typically in early stage startups who’ve just fundraised.

    Cash – Most common.

  • Totally depends on your campaign! It could be reach (exposure of your brand), downloads/conversions, sign ups to a waitlist, etc. *Note: Do not expect the influencer to keep track of metrics unless it is within contract.

Looking for more help with social media and marketing?

Want me on you Cap Table? Read my investment thesis.

Today’s consumers’ preference for customization and convenience has spurred a new economy around their needs. As it continues to grow, there will be a need for companies that develop unique skills, knowledge, and interests that provide an immediate, personalized experience for consumers.

I’m looking for startups that:

  • Innovate technologies that automate financial transactions and management or make financial processes more efficient related from businesses to consumers.

  • Build tools for the creator economy or free agent economy.

  • Create companies centered around artificial intelligence for consumers.

Investing criteria:

  • 🌱 Stage: Pre-seed, Seed, and Series A

  • 📝 Entity: U.S. corporate structure

  • 🛠️ Product: Prototype, fully launched product or revenue

  • 💵 Typical check size: $10,000


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