What is Quicken Simplifi

Quicken Simplifi is a personal finance app created by Quicken, the makers of Quicken desktop software. Simplifi aims to provide an easy-to-use budgeting and money management solution for individuals and families.

Simplifi allows users to link bank, credit card, investment, and loan accounts to track their full financial picture in one place. It analyzes spending and cash flow, helping users create budgets, save money, pay down debt, and reach financial goals.

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The app features customizable categories and tags to track expenses, income charts to monitor cash flow trends, and budgeting tools for planning ahead. Simplifi also provides reminders for upcoming bills and the ability to pay bills directly within the app.

Overall, Quicken Simplifi strives to offer a simplified, intuitive personal finance solution for tracking, managing, and improving your financial life. The app aims to provide essential money management features without overwhelming users.


Key Features

Quicken Simplifi comes with a robust set of budgeting tools and features to help users manage their finances. The budgeting system allows you to set spending goals and categories, track your progress, and receive insights on where your money is going.

Simplifi has an account aggregator that connects to over 12,000 financial institutions to automatically import and categorize transactions. This saves significant time compared to manual entry.

Some Great features include:

  • Automatic budgeting that provides customized spending plans based on your income, goals, and spending habits. Simplifi will track expenses against your budget in real-time.
  • Bill reminders and tracking to help stay on top of upcoming bills and payments. You can add due dates and amounts for recurring expenses.
  • Subscription tracking to identify overlooked subscriptions and cancel ones you don’t use. This helps cut down on wasted spending.
  • Spending insights that analyze trends and provide feedback on where you might be overspending. The trends and analytics help inform smarter money decisions.

User Interface

Quicken Simplifi has an easy to navigate user interface with a clean, simple, and intuitive design.

The dashboard provides an overview of your finances with key metrics like net worth, income, spending, and account balances. Navigation is simple with just 4 tabs – Overview, Transactions, Budgets, and Reports.

The mobile app also features a streamlined interface that surfaces the most important financial information. Overall, Simplifi aims to reduce clutter and complexity compared to traditional Quicken desktop software. The focus is on simplifying money management.


Budgeting Capabilities

Quicken Simplifi offers robust budgeting capabilities to help users gain control over their finances. One key feature is envelope budgeting, which allows users to divide their income into different “envelopes” for spending, saving, and debt payment categories.

Users can set monthly funding goals for each envelope and track spending against those goals. Simplifi makes envelope budgeting easy by automatically distributing monthly income into envelopes based on user preferences.

In addition to envelope budgeting, Simplifi allows users to set other types of financial goals like saving for an emergency fund, vacation, or large purchase.

Progress towards goals is tracked and displayed visually in the app. Users can also track their overall net worth by linking investment accounts and getting valuations on assets like property and vehicles.

The emphasis on goals and net worth tracking sets Simplifi apart from other budgeting apps that mainly focus on day-to-day spending.

Account Aggregation

Quicken Simplifi connects to over 12,000 financial institutions to automatically import and categorize transactions from checking, savings, credit cards, investment accounts and more. This saves users time from having to manually enter transactions.

When you first connect an account, Simplifi will import up to 2 years of historical transactions. After that, it will automatically update and download new transactions daily.[2] You can also manually update your transactions anytime.

The account aggregation uses bank-level 256-bit SSL encryption and is read-only, so Simplifi can’t move money or edit anything with your accounts. Overall, aggregation makes it easy to get a complete financial picture across all your accounts in one place.

Using the Mobile App

Quicken Simplifi is available for both iOS and Android mobile devices, allowing users to manage their finances on the go. The mobile app provides robust features including the ability to check account balances, monitor spending, and stay on top of your budget.

The mobile app is well-designed and intuitive to use. Key features like Snap, which lets you take a picture of a receipt to log transactions, makes adding expenses quick and easy.

The app also sends notifications about upcoming bills and allows you to approve transactions with a swipe. Overall, the Simplifi mobile app provides a seamless experience between desktop and mobile, with a clean interface optimized for smaller screens.


Quicken Simplifi offers paid subscription tiers and a free 30 day money back guarantee. Quicken Simplifi paid subscriptions start at $2.99/month when billed annually.

There are a few pricing tiers available:

Simplifi: $2.99/month billed annually

Basic budgeting, spending tracking, unlimited accounts

Simplifi Plus: $5.99/month billed annually

Adds bill reminders, debt management, advanced reporting

Overall, Simplifi aims to provide an affordable finance app, with core features available and more robust capabilities for those who need advanced tracking and planning.

pros and cons

  • Excellent budgeting tools with customizable categories
  • Automatic transaction import from linked accounts
  • Mobile app for on-the-go access
  • Clean, easy-to-use interface
  • Subscription fee required
  • Room for improvement in some areas
  • Investment features are minimal.
  • There’s not much help for planning to payoff debt.

Overall, Quicken Simplifi is a great budgeting app for anyone looking to actively manage their spending and track their finances.

The customizable budgets, transaction importing, and mobile access make it easy to stay on top of your money. While the lack of a free version may deter some, the subscription fee provides access to robust features. For those seeking an intuitive, user-friendly budgeting app, Quicken Simplifi is a top recommendation.

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