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  • Fly for Free: Discover how to score companion passes and unlock FREE flights like a pro! ✈️

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How to Travel like a Boss on a Budget  

We all know that traveling can be life-changing, but let’s be real, it can also be 💸 pricey, 😫 exhausting, and 😱 anxiety-inducing if you don’t do it right.

According to a recent 2023 Hopper study, travel costs have skyrocketed since the lows of the pandemic.

 👉 Airfare is up to a whopping 13% compared to last year, while hotel prices have surged by 60%! 

 With prices on the upswing, it’s no wonder that so many of us are looking for ways to save. 

If you’ve caught the travel bug and you’re prepping for your next adventure, 

I’ve got your back with my secrets to travel SMARTER and CHEAPER.

💻 Shop for flights early

Industry experts recommend booking your ticket anywhere from three and a half months to three weeks out. If you’re going to a super popular or international destination, try to go with the longer lead time.

✈️ Depart on the cheapest travel days

Here’s the 411: Friday and Sunday might be the busiest days to take off, but they’re also the most expensive. Who wants to blow their budget just to fly out on the weekends? 

Not you, my financially-savvy friend! 

So, instead, get ready to pack your bags and aim to jet off on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday for the BEST deals! 🛫💰 

Here’s the insider tip: by booking your trips during the weekdays, you can slash your expenses by up to 20% to 30%! 🤑🔥

🌎 Choose cheaper places to visit

There are plenty of amazing cities and countries to visit that aren’t the top tourist attractions. Why not explore a smaller city or somewhere off the beaten path for a unique (and affordable) travel experience? 

Here are some alternatives: ⬇️

Instead of hitting an Italian beach, try one of Croatia’s 1000+ islands! Save money and explore Croatia’s stunning scenery and charming towns by island-hopping via ferry! ⛴️

Rome is like that rich, fancy cousin who always splurges on the finest things, while Florence is more of a budget-friendly cousin who knows how to have a good time without breaking the bank. Florence is not only more affordable, but it’s also less crowded and easier to navigate.

These European spots, while admittedly not cheap, tend to be less expensive and less crowded, giving you more value for your vacation buck. 💰👏 

📱My favorite travel apps 

I love using all the different apps and websites out there that are designed to help save me money.

 Here are some of my favorite sites and apps to help you find a great deal on flights, hotels, and cruises!

I’ve saved BIG by using these sites!👌

Before you embark on your next journey be intentional and do some research! 🔍 Trust me, it’s the secret sauce to saving money and having a vacation that’s sweet, memorable, and FOMO-free! 🎉 

No more last-minute panic purchases or spontaneous splurges that leave your wallet weeping. By taking the time to plan ahead and strategize your spending, you can avoid those dreaded regrets and the haunting specter of debt.

📰 In the News:

How to score FREE flights 💳 

Did you know that  62% of Gen Z and Millennials use a credit card with travel benefits for their adventures? GO GEN Z 👏👏

Sure, some of these cards may have annual fees, but they often pay for themselves through all the sweet perks and bonuses they offer! Think upgrades, free nights, and other bougie benefits that’ll make your next trip feel like a VIP experience.  

If you’re on the lookout for the best travel rewards card to suit your needs, look no further than CNBC Select! They’ve analyzed over 35 popular travel cards to find the best of the best based on your consumer habits and spending budget!

The good news: If you choose a card from this list, you could earn over $2,000 in rewards over the next five years based on their calculations:

Winner: American Express® Gold Card

Runner-up: Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card 

Best welcome bonus: Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card

Best for luxury travel: Chase Sapphire Reserve®

Best for no annual fee: Discover it® Miles

Taylor’s Toolkit:

My FAV app to SAVE $$$ on everyday purchases ✍️

Let me introduce you to MY absolute favorite app on the scene right now: Savvy! 📱✨

 Picture this: You’re already making purchases left and right, from your daily coffee fix to grocery runs and epic clothes hauls. Well, guess what? Savvy is here to help you save some serious $$$ on those everyday purchases! 🙌💸

It’s all about spending smarter and getting financially savvy, my friends! 💡💪

Now, I gotta do a shameless plug here, because I’m the proud co-founder of this game-changing app. And let me tell ya, I’ve personally saved hundreds of dollars (yes, you read that right!) by using Savvy. 

Savvy helps you unlock secret savings on your card that you might not even know existed! Talk about uncovering hidden gems in the world of discounts and deals. 

Make sure to check out Savvy today and start spending smarter!


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Secret #0047 – Master the Art of Travel ✈️ with Our Priceless Hacks

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