Money Myth’s From Your Childhood That You Need To Unlearn

We’re debunking money myths you may have learned as a kid or at home. Many of life’s most important lessons are learned at home, including how to manage money. However, not all financial advice is created equal, and some of the lessons we learned growing up may be holding us back from achieving financial freedom.

Get ready to explore some common money myths and priceless ways to overcome them! 

In this post, we are debunking money myths you learned as a kid.

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More Than 1 in 4 Americans Never Talked About Money Management With Their Parents

Money can be a sensitive and complicated topic, which is why many parents avoid discussing it with their children. However, this lack of communication can ultimately do a disservice to both parents and children, making it difficult to establish financial literacy later in life. Here at Pricelesstay we believe that open and honest communication is key to achieving financial independence.

Now let’s break down some of the ‘Money Myths’ you learned as a child that may be effecting your financial well-being as an adult.

Myth #1: Don’t talk about Money

One of the most common financial education mistakes that many of us have probably experienced at one time or another is not talking about money. We’re not just talking about parents complaining about the rising phone bill, but rather in-depth, back-and-forth conversations about long-term planning and financial concepts. Unfortunately, many parents may struggle to have these conversations, especially if they had little financial education of their own. As a result, they may pass on their anxieties about money to their children, perpetuating a cycle of financial illiteracy.

According to a recent survey by the National Financial Educators Council, only 24% of millennials demonstrate basic financial literacy. This lack of financial education can have serious consequences, with many young adults struggling with debt and financial insecurity.

However, the good news is that it’s never too late to start learning about personal finance. By having open and honest conversations about money, families can break down the barriers that prevent financial education and empower the next generation to take control of their finances from an early age.

Myth #2: Credit cards aren’t your friend

Growing up, many of us were taught to fear credit cards and avoid them at all costs. However, this intense aversion towards credit may be a financial mistake that’s holding us back from achieving our financial goals. For example, prioritizing paying off debt before building up any sort of investment or savings strategy may not be the most effective approach to managing your finances.

While it’s true that high-interest debt can be a major burden on your finances, having the backing of a solid savings account can actually help you avoid accumulating even more debt. Additionally, when used responsibly, credit cards can be a powerful tool for building credit and earning rewards. By paying off your balance in full each month and avoiding high-interest debt, you can reap the benefits of credit cards without falling into a debt trap.

According to a recent survey by Bankrate, 31% of Americans don’t have any credit card debt, while 43% carry a balance from month to month. While carrying a balance can be costly in the long run, it’s important to remember that not all debt is created equal. Low-interest debt, such as a mortgage or student loans, may be worth carrying in order to invest in your future.

So, don’t be afraid of credit cards – with the right approach, they can be a valuable tool in your financial toolkit.

Myth #3: Saving is the only way to build wealth

Does this sound familiar? From a young age, we were told if we want to be rich we need to save. While it’s true that saving is an important part of any financial plan, relying solely on savings accounts may not be the most effective way to grow your wealth. In fact, putting all of your money in a savings account may actually be a risky move due to inflation.

With the average interest rate for savings accounts paying only 0.1% and inflation hovering near 8% right now in the US, your money loses future buying power each year. This means that if you’re only relying on savings accounts to build wealth, you may actually be losing money in the long run. Instead, it’s important to consider other investment options that can help your money grow faster than inflation.

Why it matters

Student loan repayments are likely to restart soon, and this could impact millions of Americans who have been on pause for over three years.

Many people, especially Gen Zers, might not have experience with paying their student debt, so it’s important to learn how to budget for this expense.

The article features Taylor Price (that’s ME! 😊), the TikTok finance creator and founder of Priceless Tay, who shares tips on how to adjust your budget to accommodate student loan payments.

By the numbers

The debt ceiling deal will lift the pause on student loan payments, meaning that millions of Americans will resume their monthly payments.

Borrowers may need to spend $200-$400 per month on student loan payments, which can significantly impact their budget.

The big picture

It’s important to track your cash flows and understand your finances, especially when facing new expenses like student loan payments. I recommend using the 50-20-30 method, where 50% of your income goes to needs, 20% goes to wants, and 30% goes to savings. Spending smarter and taking advantage of deals, discounts, and offers can help you save money and get your money’s worth.

Personal finance is personal, so it’s important to evaluate all options and make decisions based on your goals.


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Money Myth’s From Your Childhood That You Need To Unlearn

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The Best Simple Holiday Gifts For Mom

The best simple gifts for your mom

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gift guide for moms, best simple gifts for mom

The Best Gifts for Mom This Holiday Season

Let’s talk about Mom’s. They may differ in size, shape, and attitude, but one thing is certain: they are all deserving of great holiday gifts this year! 

Showing someone you care about them, be it your own mother, your grandmother, or just a mom-like figure in your life, is always a good idea.

I’ve put together a list of charming and practical gifts that are sure to please any Mom. 

The best part is, you don’t need to spend a fortune on these gifts either.

This post is all about the best Simple Holiday Gifts For Your Mom.

So, whether you’re shopping for a practical mom who loves a good kitchen gadget, or a trendy mom who’s always up on the latest fashion, I’ve got you covered. 

And who knows, maybe you’ll even find something on this list that you want for yourself! (No judgment here, I’ve definitely done that before.)


So, let’s get to it and find the perfect gifts to show your mom just how much you appreciate her. 

How We Use the Items and Why We Love Them:

Silk Pillowcase


Let me fill you in on the magic of silk pillowcases… Seriously, once you experience it, you’ll never want to go back! It’s the perfect gift for any mom out there. I mean, who doesn’t love sleep, right?

Tea Mug with Infuser


Does your mom adore tea? I’ve got you covered with top-notch tea accessories to level up her tea time! Starting with this tea mug infuser!

Assorted Tea Sampler
Gift Set


No one can have too much tea! Get your mom some samplers of new and tasty tea packets to try! 

The Comfy Blanket


This wearable blanket screams the perfect gift for mom. I got one for myself and let me tell you it’s worth it! 

Comfy House Slippers

The cold days are approaching us and if your mom doesn’t already have a fuzzy pair of slippers to wear around the house… SHE NEEDS A PAIR! 

The Perfect Candle For Mom

I stumbled upon this hilarious candle that is absolutely perfect for your witty mom. Trust me, it’s a guaranteed laugh! I couldn’t resist getting it myself when I saw it + it smells good!

Paint by Numbers Set


If your mom’s got a crafty side, she’s gonna go LOVE this thing. Trust me, it’s a total blast to do together or even on your own. Plus, there’s something so satisfying about seeing that masterpiece come to life. 

Herb Seeds Garden Starter Grow Kit

DIY your own herb garden! This is a perfect gift for your mom if she loves cooking or DIY projects! Once the herbs are ready, you can make a special dinner together! 

Pasta Roller

If your mom is always cooking this is the perfect asset to add to her kitchen! This pasta roller attachment fits all household KitchenAid Stand Mixers! 

Smiley Spatula

On the point of cooking you cant deny how CUTE this spatula is! Another fresh edition to any kitchen!

Birth Flower Tumbler

Instead of settling for a regular old tumbler, add that personal touch by customizing it with your mom’s birth flower! Every time she uses it, she will think of you! 

Personalized Puzzle

Order your mom a custom puzzle featuring a special family photo. This can make for a super fun family activity! 

Organic Lip Balm Set

This Organic Lip Balm Set is a lifesaver for winter! I got these for my mom and she LOVES them.

Portable Vehicle Jump Starter

I have stumbled upon a real game changer that any mom (or anyone, really) would love to have in their car. It’s a Portable Vehicle Jump Starter with an Air Compressor and Power Bank

I know it may not seem like the cutest gift, but trust me, it’s one of the most practical and useful things you could get for someone. This little gadget has come in handy for me multiple times.

Gel Nail Polish Kit

If your mom likes to always have her nails done, then she will adore this kit. It also comes with 32 bottles of classic gel nail polish. You and your mom could do your nails together at home and save some money while doing it! 

Solar Powered Lantern Decor

This solar-powered lantern can be the cutest addition to any outdoor space. It’s beautiful, convenient and energy-efficient.

Hummingbird Wind Chimes

These are some of the cutest windchimes to add to your mom’s outdoor space! When it’s sunny, they will charge themselves and glow at night! 

Dimmable Reading Light

This is the most useful gift for any of the moms out there who love reading! It’s perfect for reading in the car or in bed without disturbing anyone!

Sunflower Doormat

If your mom loves flowers then this is a perfect gift for her! Brighten her doorway with a cheerful welcome home! 

Buttterfly Suncatcher

Another unique find for your mom’s outdoor space! It even comes with an engraved “I love you Mom” charm which is adorable. 

This post was all about the best simple holiday gifts for your mom.

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