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What is credit utilization?

Credit utilization is the amount of credit you have used compared to the total amount available to you. It’s calculated by dividing your balance by your total credit limit on all of your credit cards. For example, if you have $5,000 in available credit and a $1,000 balance on one card, then your credit utilization would be 20 percent ($1,000 divided by $5,000). Credit scores take into account how much money is owed on each card compared with its overall limit.

A lower ratio is better because it means that you’re using less than half of what’s available to pay off loans and charge purchases — which shows lenders that there’s little risk involved in lending more money to someone with good payment history who has already proven responsible with their current debts. That translates into better terms for new loans and cards as well as lower interest rates for existing accounts since lenders know they won’t be left holding the bag if you default on payments (that’s when they lose money).

How to calculate your credit utilization ratio

To calculate your credit utilization ratio, divide the amount of money you owe on your credit cards by the total amount of credit available. The resulting number is expressed as a percentage. You can use this figure to determine whether or not it’s time to intervene with your spending habits and pay down debt.

  • Divide your outstanding balances by the sum of all of your available lines of credit:
  • If you have $5,000 in total debt and $20,000 in available credit, divide $5,000 by $20,000 to get 25 percent. This means that 25 percent of all lines of credit are being used with this balance level and 75 percent aren’t being touched at all.
  • Alternatively:
  • If you have $5,000 in total debt but only one line open for $10K (10K), then 10 thousand divided by 15 thousand is 66%. So 66% or 2/3rds (or two thirds) are being utilized when compared against 100% (all lines).

Credit utilization ratio vs. total credit usage

Credit utilization ratio is the percentage of your total credit that you are using. Total credit usage is the amount of debt you have. Credit utilization ratio is a better indicator of your credit health than total credit usage because it takes into account how much higher or lower your balances are compared to the limit on each card. The higher this percentage, the more likely it will negatively impact your score.

Credit scoring models look at other factors too, but they’re less important than this one—even if everything else in your report were perfect (which we’ll see later isn’t realistic), a high utilization would still bring down your score by hundreds of points!

Positive effects of low credit utilization

With a lower credit utilization, you’ll be able to get better interest rates on your loans.

When you have high utilization, it can affect your credit score. A higher score makes it easier to borrow money for things like buying a car or home and being approved for loans or credit cards with lower interest rates.

Drawbacks of high credit utilization

There are a few drawbacks to high credit utilization. The first is that it can hurt your credit score, which is important when applying for loans and other forms of debt. Your credit score represents a snapshot of how well you’ve managed your finances, so it’s an important metric to have in mind when managing your spending habits. The higher your balance-to-credit ratio (or utilization), the more likely you are to end up with poor credit scores.

The second drawback is that if you’re considering applying for new lines of credit, high utilization might disqualify you from being approved for those new accounts or lower their limits significantly — making them less useful in the long run!

Keep your credit card balance low for healthy credit.

Credit utilization is the ratio of your credit card balance to your total credit limit. Credit scoring companies like FICO score this number based on its influence on a borrower’s ability to repay credit obligations. If you have a $1,000 credit limit and a $500 balance, then your utilization is 50%.

This means that if you want to keep your credit score healthy for as long as possible, it’s important to keep that balance below 30%. You may not think this matters much—after all, if you pay off the entire amount each month and only use one card, then why would it be an issue? The problem arises when there are cash flow issues or emergencies: suddenly racking up debt can affect your utilization rate without even realizing it. It could also impact how responsible lenders consider you over time; they might decide not to extend additional lines of credit because they’re worried about how much financial stress you’re experiencing right now (even if it’s simply temporary).

If you’ve ever been curious about I bonds, you should know that they are a safe and reliable investment. They are also backed by the U.S. Treasury, just like savings bonds. But unlike savings bonds, I bonds don’t ask you to lock your money up for 30 years or more. You can redeem them after one year and pay taxes on their interest or let them earn interest tax-free for up to 30 years and then redeem them without penalty.

But you have to act fast for this interest rate!

To get the current rate you have to buy by October 28th but don’t fret if you don’t buy them in time, the yields are only expected to drop 6.47% which is still much better than a savings account!

I’ve been LOVING my crock pot! For those who work as much as I do this is a kitchen essential! I was ordering a TON of takeout and delivery, but with my crockpot, I can find a recipe on Pinterest, get groceries on Sundays for the week, and throw it into the crock pot! It is an easy way to meal prep as leftovers can usually be frozen as well!

The most recent recipe I made was this garlic, honey slow cooker chicken from scrolling on Pinterest. Alongside the chicken, I made roasted broccoli and butternut squash with some rice. I had some friends come over for Game of Thrones and we shared this delicious meal – even having some leftovers for a few days after!

This a new section on the newsletter where you can ask me anything about finance, money, buying a house, personal finance tips, etc and I’ll be sure to help you out!

Since we recently set up this form, I’ll answer a question from an Instagram Story recently. Alexis asks,

“I’m always spending money, I don’t see how I can I better manage my money?”

— Alexis

Alexis, this is a great question that many other people ask too! It’s easy to think that you’re constantly spending money when you don’t know where the money goes, or when you have a hard time prioritizing between wants and needs. Because we manage our money so poorly, we usually see it in larger chunks—when we look at our bank statements and credit card bills, we’re confronted with totals that are too large to understand.

The best way to approach this in my opinion is to get acquainted with your expenses by tracking every dollar as it comes and goes. You’ll feel more in control of your finances and better able to prioritize if you know how much you’re spending on everything from rent to takeout. It’s also a great way to find out where your money is going so you can make changes for the better. If you track your expenses for a month, you’ll have a record of what you spend every day, which will help you become aware of your everyday spending habits and give you the opportunity to evaluate them. Some people might find that they’re spending too much on food or going out, for instance, but are clueless about how much they really spend on these things until they start tracking their expenses. Tracking your spending gives you the opportunity to make changes that will save money in the long run.

Your finance friend,



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Secret #0007

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The Best Gifts For All Types Of Girlfriends

The Best Gifts For All Types Of Girlfriends The Best Gifts For All Types Of Girlfriends Are you looking to get your girlfriend the perfect gift but are having some

This site contains affiliate links, view the disclosure for more information.

gift guide for Girlfriends / Holiday Gifts For Girlfriends

The Best Gifts For All Types Of Girlfriends

gift guide for Girlfriends / Holiday Gifts For Girlfriends
The Best Gifts For All Types Of Girlfriends

Are you looking to get your girlfriend the perfect gift but are having some trouble coming up with ideas?

Well, don’t worryᅳI’ve got you covered! We’re going to be exploring the world of girlfriend gifts today, and I have a ton of suggestions to share with you.

The best gifts for all types of girlfriends are listed here, regardless of her interests, be they tech-savvy, bookish, fitness-obsessed, or anything in between.

In this post, you will find the best gifts for all types of girlfriends.

Silk Pillowcase


If your girlfriend doesn’t have one of these silk pillowcases yet… She needs one! These pillowcases are good for your hair, skin, and sleep routine.

Jimmy Choo Perfume


If your girlfriend doesn’t like to splurge on nice things for herself – this is the perfect gift you could give her. This could be her new fav signature scent!

Half Gallon Water Bottle


If your girlfriend loves hitting the gym, these water bottles are a life changer! This water bottle even comes with unique time stamps to stay motivated and make sure she’s hitting her daily H20 intake.

Nylon Workout Set


This workout set is perfect for your girlfriend if she enjoys yoga or pilates! These sets are almost identical to the SKIMS set and come in various colors! Look no further; she will adore this set!

Exercise Band Set

I have a pair of these bands and the come in so handy at the gym or even for a home workout! They can be a great addition to any workout routine

Cute Gym Bag

Adorable Gym Bag: Nothing satisfies women more than having a unique bag for every occasion. There is a separate toiletries bag included with this cute workout bag!

DIY Casting Kit for Couples

As a token of your love, give your girlfriend this truly beautiful gift. This could be a really cute thing to do on a date night! 

Fondue Pot Set

This is a perfect addition to a movie night! Go out to the store, pick up some cheese chocolate and your girlfriend’s favorite dippers, and watch her face light up! You can also use this set tons of times!

Tile Mate

If your girlfriend is always on the go this is a perfect gift for her to keep track of all of her stuff! These things come in super handly when trying to find your key or purse! 

Toaster Lamp

This is one of the cutest little lamps ever! It can be a perfect addition to her bookshelf, home office, or nightstand. It is also battery-operated so it’s super portable to move anywhere! 

Natural Bath Bomb Set

Create a relaxing vibe for your girlfriend with these bath bombs! These are perfect for a little spa moment and they have aromatherapy benefits.

Engraved Cutting Board

An engraved cutting board would be a lovely addition to your girlfriend’s kitchen if she enjoys cooking at home. Personalize this cutting board by adding your initials or an Anniversary! These are ideal for charcuterie boards!! 

Smiley Spatula

I mean, do I need to explain this one? This Spatula could be the cutest new addition to your girlfriend’s kitchen. 

Cute Makeup Bag

If your girlfriend needs an upgrade to her makeup bag, this is the perfect one. It’s perfect for size to take on the go.

Crystal Photo

This is such a priceless gift to give to someone you love! Pick your favorite photo and get it delivered inside a unique crystal heart. 

Personalized Canvas

An incredibly original present for your girlfriend! Get your most cherished photo made and place it somewhere meaningful to preserve your best memories.

Vanity Makeup Mirror

Level up your girlfriend’s makeup routine with this nifty mirror! Perfect for doing makeup while in places where there is poor lighting!

Organic Lip Balm Package

I purchased this set for myself and strongly suggest it to anyone who is always looking for hydrated lips. There are six in the package, so it’s perfect for keeping one in your work bag, car, or beauty bag!

Natural Lip Scrub

This is the perfect gift to pair with the lip balm! It’s vegan and suitable for all skin types!

Movie Night Kit

If you and your girlfriend are movie people, she will love this movie night kit! It comes with a variety of popcorn packs and seasonings! Your next movie night would be epic! 

Fuzzy House Slippers

The cold season is approaching and if your girlfriend doesnt already have a pair of house slippers she definitely needs a pair! I wear mind every day around the house and they are so comfy!

Portable Vehicle Jump Starter with Air Compressor

Everyone needs one of these in their car! This thing has come in handly so many times for me! you can never be too prepared when on the road

Essential Oil Set

No one can have to many essential oils and thats why this set is perfect! IT comes with 20 different sects and is perfect for a at home spa day! They also work great with a diffuser!

Essential Oil Car Diffuser

These are the cutest lil car air fresheners ever! This could pair as a perfect gift with the essential oil pack above!

Personalized Puzzle

This can be such a cute date-night idea! Pick a picture you love and get it put on a puzzle for you and your girlfriend to complete together!

This post was all about the best gifts for your girlfriend.

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