What are the Financial Essentials™?

The premise of the Financial Essentials™ is simple: different people interact with money differently; personal finance is personal. The best way to manage your finances is to consider both the financial and non-financial aspects of your life. Intertwine the four pillars to strengthen your financial wellbeing.



Take care of yourself. This includes your physical, mental and emotional health. Your body is an essential part of finance because if it isn’t healthy how can you be successful?



Consider if your career contributes or detracts value to your life goals and priorities. Because earning money requires time, your career is the largest time commitment you will devote to your financial well-being.



Maintaining and nurturing relationships is of the utmost importance; money affects how you show up in your relationships. It affects your ability to be vulnerable, which is a key part of building trust with others.



Your financial wellbeing has a greater impact on the community than you might realize. By volunteering your time, donating to causes, or supporting social movements, you help make the world a better place.

Hey girl hey, it’s Pricelesstay!👋

Call me Taylor, and yes…Price is my real last name. From pre-med to self-taught ‘financial advocate’, I decided to end the ‘silent pandemic of financial illiteracy’.

I brought my blog content to TikTok in 2019 and ignited a wildfire of Gen Zer’s wanting to learn about personal finance and investing. Gen Zer’s were flocking to my DM from all over the world. Schools were showcasing my videos to their class and requiring homework to watch!

Through the years dedicating my life’s work to financial activism, I’ve been named GoBankingRates TOP 100 Financial Experts -being the youngest on the roster, and the only woman in the social media category, and I’ve helped over 1,000,000 young adults make smarter spending, saving and investing decisions.

It’s never too early to change how you interact with money

Whether you’re looking to save more with what you got, increase your income, or simply looking for healthier ways to improve your financial wellbeing, there’s helpful tools available.

3 steps to strengthen your financial wellbeing

Step 1

Identify Your FIQ

Discover the areas of financial literacy you need to improve in, so you can start building your financial knowledge and confidence.

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Step 2

Get to Know The Financial Essentials

For a balanced financial life, it’s critical to incorporate all four pillars. Perhaps too much time is spent on one’s career while relationships fall by the wayside. For others, the issue might be that they don’t spend enough time working on themselves and not enough energy helping the greater world.

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Step 3

Create Your Financial Essentials Toolkit

Develop the daily habits that help you move from having money worries to feeling financially secure with this easy-to-follow guide. You’ll have a toolbox full of simple habits to get you on the right track, and you’ll build a clear plan that helps you take charge of your finances.

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