How to Survive After Being Laid Off

Assess your financial situation.

  • Assess your financial situation.
  • Review your current financial situation and make a list of all of your assets, liabilities, monthly expenses and income. You’ll want to compare these numbers against what you currently have in savings and debt, as well as any bank accounts you may have that are not listed on the above lists.

Decide what to do next.

The most important thing to realize is that you have options, and there’s no reason to panic. Take some time off if you need it to reflect, regroup and refocus.

Once you’ve calmed down a bit, start looking at your finances. How much money are you saving? How much debt do you have? Are there any expenses coming up soon (like a vacation or an anniversary)? Are there any major purchases that need to be made soon (a car, home repairs). These things will help determine what kind of job search path makes sense for your situation.

Next take a look at your skills and interests: Are there jobs out there right now that fit with these things? If so, how are those jobs paying? You can use sites like Glassdoor or Indeed or Monster as starting points for researching what other people earn in different fields and locations; don’t forget about Craigslist either—there are often good opportunities listed there too!

Pick up the phone and make some calls.

If you are laid off, there is no better time to start calling people. You will want to call your friends and family who understand what you are going through. You should also call your job search contacts, because they can help keep you motivated. If you have been laid off from a job that required a degree, don’t forget about contacting the career counsellor at your school! Just because it’s been a year since graduation doesn’t mean he or she won’t be able to help with some advice.

Next, pick up the phone and call local community colleges. They may offer some classes that could help improve your skills or get into another field altogether so keep them in mind when thinking about where else you can go after getting laid off from work! After all it’s not like having an education degree guarantees employment anyway… right? Right?! Well anyways let’s move on before I get too depressed talking about this one last thing!

Make a plan of action.

You have to be smart and make the best of your situation. You can’t just sit around and wait for something to happen, or you might end up waiting forever. Think back on all the things that you did in your career and think about what you liked doing, where you had success, who you worked with well — anything that will help give direction to your next steps. Maybe even write out an ad for yourself describing your skills and experience so that when a job comes along later on, people won’t be amazed by how much knowledge they gain from having hired someone like yourself! But remember: don’t get too excited about finding another position just yet because there might not be any jobs available right now…

Seek professional help.

If you feel like you need professional help, there are plenty of options. A mentor can be a great source of advice and support, while a coach can guide you through difficult transitions in your career. You could also seek out a job coach or financial advisor to help you deal with the practical aspects of being laid off. If it’s more emotional support that you’re after, consider seeing a career counselor or counselor for help with your resume or interviewing skills. It might also be worthwhile to talk to someone who can offer guidance about your whole life plan so that when things like this happen again in future work environments, they won’t feel quite so destabilizing (and if they do happen again, at least now we know how much better prepared we’re going to be).

Do not fear, there are resources available!

  • It is important to be proactive and take action. There is no reason to sit back and feel hopeless. If you were laid off, there are many options available for you to take advantage of. They include:
  • Online resources that offer advice on finding a job or starting your own business;
  • Calling a professional who specializes in helping people find employment, such as a career coach;
  • Joining online support groups where members can ask questions and share tips with each other


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How to Survive After Being Laid Off

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