Without a doubt, a vision board is a very powerful tool for using the law of attraction.

I am a big believer in vision boards, also known as dream boards.

Every time you look at them, they work wonders for reprogramming your subconscious mind and manifesting your desires.

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In this post, we will be providing a step-by-step guide to making a vision board that actually works.

vision board

What is a Vision Board?

Vision boards are made specifically to bring about the changes we want to see in various areas of our lives. Consider them as real-life collages that depict our dreams.

They serve far more than just as appealing decorations. These creations are a continual source of inspiration and motivation for us as we work to fulfill what we want in life.

It’s interesting to note that research indicates that we have a 1.4 times higher chance of success when we can visualize our goals.

Using a Vision Board to Reach Your Goals

Fellow dreamers, let’s discuss the elephant in the room: money. When you stop to think about it, most of our objectives have some connection to money. 

To achieve any of these goals, be it buying the car you’ve been eyeing, the dream home, or a lavish vacation, you must have financial stability.

It follows that attaining our larger life goals requires a solid financial foundation. In reality, your vision board should strongly emphasize bettering your financial situation. 

While you may not think to add things like minimizing debt and investment plans on your vision board, they are vital aspects of a well-thought-out life plan.

How to Create a Successful Vision Board

The idea behind a vision board is to take your goals and turn them into tangible objects to help you stay inspired to pursue them.  

It takes more than just pasting images onto a poster board to complete this project; you must be clear about your goals and aspirations. 

There’s no need for outside validation because your vision board is a private creation intended only for your eyes. Writing down your objectives is the first step in creating your vision board. See the big picture. 

If your goal is to save money and move out, for example, include an image that symbolizes that new chapter in your life. 

Next, start taking the concrete actions that will get you there.

This could be analyzing your spending patterns to find areas where you can cut back and redirect those savings to accounts that can boost your wealth, such as high-yield savings accounts.

Incorporating personal symbols or items into your vision board will allow it to truly represent your path to success.

Your Vision Board Checklist

Write Down Your Goals

Setting clear and precise goals is the first step in creating a powerful vision board. Clearly define your goals and create an efficient strategy to reach them. 

In this scenario, the SMART goals approach can be very useful. This approach highlights how crucial it is to set specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely goals. Setting SMART goals allows you to monitor your progress and maintain motivation as you work toward your goals

Gather Your Supplies

Fortunately, constructing a vision board doesn’t require a big budget. 

You can choose to create a physical board with easily accessible materials from around your house, or you can create a digital version with online tools like Canva. Making a tangible vision board can bring back memories of your arts and crafts days. 

If you decide to go the physical route, you’ll need some basic supplies like poster board, scissors, glue, and a number of magazines or printed images.

If you favor a digital approach, there are a ton of resources accessible via the internet to help you create the ideal vision board.

Designing Your Vision Board

Now comes the exciting part: decorate your vision board with pictures, sayings, and other elements to give it life.

Give yourself plenty of time to create your vision board the way you want it because it will represent your goals all year.

When creating your vision board, take into account where you want your images to go if you’re using Canva or another design tool.

Just like when you make a physical vision board, take your time with it. The ability to make tweaks and adjustments if you’re not happy with the first result is one benefit of digital boards.

You can adjust the size of your quotes and images to make sure everything fits exactly as you intended.

Manifestation Ideas

Now that you’ve mastered the art of creating vision boards, it’s time to dive directly into the exciting world of deciding what to put on your board.

It can be difficult to fit all of your goals for the year onto a single vision board.

I’ve got you covered with some ideas to get you thinking and help you choose the right items to include on your vision board.

Let’s look at some manifestation ideas to get your vision board motivated:

  • Career aspirations: Use pictures and symbols that link with what you want from a career.
  • Self-care: Fill your board with uplifting sayings and calming pictures that promote wellness and self-care. For those seeking fitness inspiration, add workout guidance.
  • Love and relationships: Choose sayings and visuals that express your ideals and views on those topics in order to attract the kind of love you desire.
  • Optimism: Infuse your board with positive images and positive messages that uplift your spirits and improve your state of mind. 
  • Travel: Incorporate captivating images of your ideal destinations and unique travel experiences to fulfill your desire to explore.

How to Use Your Vision Board for Manifestation

Now that you’ve created your vision board, it’s time to make it a part of your daily routine to amp up those affirmations and manifest abundance.

You can use your vision board as inspiration to help you stay goal-focused. Whether it’s in your bedroom or office, choose a prominent location where you’ll see it frequently during the day. Make your vision board a visual reminder of your goals and your progress so far. Celebrate every small win you come across.

Include your vision board in your regular self-care practices, continue to practice visualization techniques, and stay laser-focused on what you want in life.

This post was all about how to create a vision board that actually works.

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