If you’re planning to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, it could be easy to go over your budget!

Like every holiday, St. Patrick’s Day is fun to celebrate, but it can also result in financial regrets the following morning.

Here are a few cheap and enjoyable ideas to enjoy St. Patrick’s Day to the fullest without going over budget. Take advantage of these St. Patrick’s Day savings ideas.

Green Beer for St Patrick's Day

In this post are sharing tips on how to celebrate St Patrick’s Day on a budget.

Save some green this St. Patrick’s Day

Potluck Dinner For St. Patrick's Day

Host A Potluck dinner

If you plan to have friends or family over, consider having a potluck dinner. You make the main dish, and then ask each family member or friend who gets invited to bring a side dish.

If you want to stay on theme for St. Patrick’s Day consider making Irish stew, Irish soda bread or Irish coffee to add to your potluck dinner.

irish coffee

Even if you’re just eating Lucky Charms, you may feel a little festive. Many Irish recipes feature easy and cheap ingredients that will feed a full house without much extra cash.

Skip going out

If crowds aren’t your thing, bring the party to your place instead! Fire up the grill, let the little ones help make decorations, and if you prefer to drink, have your guests bring their own. Need it to be green beer? Simply add a little green food coloring! If your guests are drinking, make sure each group has a designated driver or offer to call a taxi. Do not let your guests drive home if they have been drinking.

Here’s the plan: invite a few families over for a relaxed get-together. You can fire up the grill, get the kids involved in making some DIY decorations, and if you’re in the mood for a drink, stock up at costco and save some money.

Green Beer

Want to spice up your beer for St. Patrick’s Day? Just add a touch of green food coloring to your beer and done!

By opting for a cozy night in with friends and saving a bit of money, you’ll keep your wallet happy and avoid the hassle of crowds.

Finding Decor For your St. Patricks Day Party

St. Patrick's Day Decor

Hit up the $1 section at Target, Party City, Dollar General and Dollar Tree, where you can find affordable and cute decorations. One thing to remember: less is more. Add a colored tablecloth, a few streamers and table toppers, and you are good to go.

Before hitting the store, rummage through those old boxes of decor you have tucked away. You might be surprised by what hidden gems you find!

Dress For the Occasion

Before you rush out to buy a brand new shirt to celebrate, take a peek in your closet and see what green treasures you already have.

If you have a big family, consider buying plain green shirts and decorating them together. This can be a fun way for the whole family to participate in the holiday fun. Explore those budget-friendly stores, dive into your storage boxes, and embrace a little DIY magic.

Look for Local Community Events

Everybody celebrates St. Patrick’s Day in the community! You may find a ton of entertaining things to do with kids, adults, and money-saving ideas, such as parades, live music, and more.

Look for some free events that your community or town offers, and plan a fun day for the whole family.

Every year, certain cities celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Shamrock Runs or Parades. A quick internet search may offer an abundance of fun for the whole family. 

Things to do for St. Patrick's Day

Save more money at the store

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