CoPilot is a money management app that uses AI and machine learning to provide personalized insights into your finances. Unlike traditional budgeting apps, CoPilot takes a more holistic approach to understanding your full financial picture across all your accounts.

Some of CoPilot’s key features include:

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  • Spending analysis: CoPilot categorizes your transactions and provides detailed spending reports to identify trends and areas for potential savings. The app uses natural language processing to automatically categorize even obscure transactions.
  • Budgeting tools: Set budgets across categories like food, shopping, utilities, etc. CoPilot will monitor your spending and notify you if you exceed your budget! You can set group budgets for shared expenses.
  • Cash flow forecasts: CoPilot projects your upcoming automatic payments and account balances to alert you if there are potential shortfalls. For example, it knows at the beginning of each moth when your automated bills are and calculates this into your budget for you.
  • Investing analysis: Track your investment accounts and portfolio performance. CoPilot provides custom benchmarks to evaluate returns.
  • Net worth tracking: Link all your financial accounts to monitor your overall net worth over time. CoPilot will detect large changes and investigate the cause.

How does CoPilot work?

CoPilot utilizes machine learning to understand users’ preferences when categorizing transactions. While CoPilot automatically assigns categories to transactions, it also prompts users to review those categorizations.

If CoPilot makes an incorrect categorization, it immediately suggests the second-best option, allowing users to easily recategorize transactions with just a few taps.

As it learns the user’s preferred categorizations, it automatically applies those preferences to future transactions. If a user decides to change how a specific transaction is categorized, they can also choose to apply that change to previous transactions.

Categories View

At its core, CoPilot aims to provide personalized, proactive, and intelligent insights to improve your financial well-being. The app combines automation with human-centric design to create an easy-to-use money management experience.

CoPilot’s comprehensive dashboard displays various elements to help you manage your finances effectively. It shows your progress in relation to your monthly budget, presents all recent transactions for you to review and conveniently recategorize if necessary.

It provides an overview of upcoming recurring bills and income for the month in a visually engaging way. You can easily change category names, colors, and emojis, which just helps to make looking at numbers more fun.

Budgeting Features

CoPilot uses an envelope budgeting system that allows users to allocate money to different spending categories like groceries, entertainment, bills, etc. When you spend money, those transactions are deducted from the corresponding envelope budgets, so you always know exactly how much is left!

This method helps prevent overspending by setting firm limits on each category. CoPilot also has rollover budgets that let you carry over unspent funds from month to month, as well as shared budgets for couples.

Overall, CoPilot’s envelope budgeting system is intuitive and flexible, making it easy to stick to a budget.

It’s super user friendly and you have the ability to group group certain budgets into categories like “household” which holds the budgets for any bills you add to it like rent, trash service, water bill, etc.

You could also lump restaurants, fast food, coffee and groceries all into the “food” category if you wish. They make it easy to customize your categories and which expenses you want to live within those categories.

CoPilot Categories

Expense Tracking

One of the main features of CoPilot is its ability to track expenses. Users can connect their bank accounts and credit cards to automatically import and categorize transactions. This eliminates the need to manually input purchases.

Overall, CoPilot takes the hassle out of tracking expenses. By integrating with bank and card accounts, it provides an automated solution to monitor spending. This helps users gain better visibility into where their money is going each month.

The app categorizes recurring charges separately, allowing users to monitor what has been paid and what remains due every month. Though it takes about 30 minutes to create and set budget amounts for recurring bills, it is super effortless to keep up with after that.

Cash Flow Analysis

CoPilot’s comprehensive dashboard displays a detailed cash flow analysis with various elements to help you manage your finances effectively. It shows your progress in relation to your monthly budget, presents all recent transactions for you to review and conveniently recategorize (if necessary). It provides an overview of upcoming recurring bills and income for the month in a visually engaging way. It also displays charts showing spending trends over time in each area.

One of the best features is Copilot’s spending analysis. It uses AI to dig into your individual transactions and accurately categorize each one based on the merchant, amount, date, and other factors.

This results in extremely precise tracking of spending patterns and cash outflows. The app sends notifications when unusual spending activity is detected, allowing you to stay on top of your budget.

Overall, Copilot offers unparalleled visibility into your cash flow. With all transactions tracked and categorized, you can analyze your spending habits with ease and look for areas to save money. The AI-powered analysis provides valuable insights unavailable in many other budgeting apps.


You’ll see your total portfolio at the top with a section for “top movers.” This section displays your investments that are changing the most during market trading hours. Choose to display top movers based on either the Price Change or Equity Change.

CoPilot has an option to turn on live estimates for your account balances, which provides near real-time market data with the once-a-day update received from your institutions to show you how your holdings are performing.

From the account view, you can select an individual security for detailed information about your holdings.

CoPilot Investments


CoPilot takes data security very seriously and employs multiple measures to keep user data safe and private. All data transmitted between devices and CoPilot’s servers is encrypted using industry-standard protocols like SSL/TLS.

CoPilot undergoes regular audits and penetration testing to identify and resolve any potential vulnerabilities. They are transparent about their security practices and publish updates on their website. Overall, CoPilot seems to meet high standards for data encryption and permissions to keep sensitive financial information private.


CoPilot offers the ability to take it for a test drive before you connect any accounts. If you like the feel of it, you can start a free trial.

After the free trial period, it’s $7.92 monthly or $95 billed yearly.

CoPilot is a fantastic money management and budgeting app that I highly recommend for anyone looking to take control of their finances. With it’s super user-friendly interface, powerful tracking and analysis features, CoPilot all-in-one solution for your money needs.

The app has clearly been designed with the user in mind. The layout is intuitive and makes it effortless to stay on top of your finances.

Connecting accounts and adding transactions is a breeze. The reports, charts, and insights provide you with visibility into your spending and cash flow. This makes it easy to spot problems or opportunities.

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