Go from broke to having a boujee budget

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Personalize a plan that will give you ultimate freedom, and the lifestyle that you’ve only ever dreamed of.

Seriously, I get it…

A few days go by. You go out. Eat. Get new goodies.

get sushi out with friends

You scramble to pay bills and live.

You need that paycheck to hit. “Thank goodness. I just got PAID.

Imagine a New Way of Living…

Your paycheck hits. “Thank goodness! I just got PAID.”

You plan where your money goes.

A few days go by. You eat ~good~. Pay those bills. Treat your mom to a little gift.

You even have ~play~ money. “Didn’t even know that was a thing before Finesse.”

You want that paycheck to hit for that dream house and that big trip. “Thank goodness. I just got PAID.”

The Formula that helps you live in control, instead of money controlling you.

Automatically get suggested payment breakdowns of bills segmented from each paycheck so you know those bills will be paid in full and on time.

Establish and track specific financial goals, such as saving for a house or a dream vacation, and allocate a percentage of your income toward achieving those goals.

Visualize your progress towards each financial goal using charts and graphs, staying motivated and focused on achieving those milestones.

Customize expense categories to reflect your unique spending habits and priorities, allowing you to organize and analyze your financial data more easily.

Hey I’m Taylor!

I’m helping you live your best life, starting with personal finance.

I believe that everyone has the potential to achieve financial success, regardless of their background or current financial situation.

That’s why I created Fin/Esse. I wanted to share my knowledge and expertise with others and help them overcome the common barriers to financial success. My approach is grounded in real-world experience and is designed to work for people at all income levels and stages of life.

I can’t wait to help you on your financial journey!

With students hitting their financial goals of saving money, paying down debt, and investing money, the dreams won’t just be dreams anymore. After you start implementing Finesse, the sky is the limit.

“Ever since learning about the Formula, it’s been my go-to tool in budgeting my money. It’s helped me to see my money in a new light, and I definitely feel more empowered to make better financial choices.”

~ Stuart L.

“I used to worry about my money a lot. I always felt like I was spending too much or not enough. With this budget template, I always know exactly where my money is going. It’s changed my life and I’m much happier.”

~ Kelly S.

I grew my net worth from nothing to +$100,000 and I’m not gatekeeping the secrets.

I remember diving headfirst into the world of money management apps. Sure, they weren’t the most personalized options out there, but hey, beggars can’t be choosers, right?

Let me tell you, even though I had to do some creative gymnastics to make those apps fit my life, they were still a game-changer. At least I had some semblance of where my hard-earned money was going, even if the categorizations were a bit wonky.

The best part? I learned stuff in just a matter of weeks that would have taken me YEARS to figure out on my own.

Tools, my friend, fast-track you on a successful route. Of course, you still gotta put in the work, but at least you won’t be wasting precious time on the whole trial and error circus.

Real Results From Priceless Peeps

“I’ve always hated looking over my finances. I was always lazy and never got anything done. This experience changed my life. I’ve been able to save so much money that I can finally travel the world!”

What You’re Getting with Finesse

My Tool That’s Helping You Reach Your Financial Goals

Are you ready to take control of your money (backed by our huge community of finance platforms and experts)?

  • Unlock over 10 instructional videos from our expert, guiding you through mastering your Fin/Esse Formula.
  • Seamlessly manage your finances and stay in control of your budget with access to Fin/Esse’s transaction management tool.
  • Discover your exclusive Fin/Esse Formula Budget Template, a holistic approach to personal finance, offering a comprehensive path to financial well-being.
  • Join our thriving community to connect with fellow Fin/Essers’ where you can seek advice, share your journey, and track your progress.

“But Taylor, money is tight and I’m not really sure I can afford something that I can’t guarantee…”

I get it, I was once in a place where I had to save for months to afford a tool and I didn’t want to waste my hard earned money. But the only thing standing between you and the success you crave is the work.

  • Revolutionize your relationship with money to decrease your scarcity mindset and deepen your Financial IQ – FIQ. 
  • Fight your financial insecurities by building a spending plan you feel confident living by – even if that includes your daily latte
  • Destroy your stressful, high-interest debt and learn to leverage the credit system. 
A 22 year old wants to change the way Gen Z thinks about money
This TikTTok influencer wants to end the 'silent' pandemic of financial illiteracy.

Just think about how taking control of your finances would impact your life…

  • Say goodbye to that dreadful boss and hello to a life where you call the shots (because when you control your financial, you have so many more opportunities)
  • No more penny-pinching! Gone are the days of counting every single cent and budgeting for just one vacation every two years.
  • You’ll inspire others around you. You’ll show them that living the life you’ve always dreamt of is actually possible. You’ll be the living, breathing proof that financial freedom is within their reach too.
  • Get ready to make your dreams a reality! Taking control of your finances opens up a world of possibilities.
  • The weight of constant money worries starts to lift off your shoulders.


Absolutely! The Finesse Formula is designed to provide valuable financial insights and assistance to individuals worldwide. While the tool may have features that cater to specific financial systems and regulations in the United States, the core benefits it offers are universally applicable.

Yes! Starting to manage your finances early on can only help you in the future. While you may not be able to use all aspects of the Finesse Formula on your own if you’re under 18, there are still valuable steps you can take.

At no extra cost, we’ll provide you with an updated Fin/Esse Formula for any major improvements or features.

Full Refund: If the finesser did not access any portion of the online experience & the finesser requests a refund via email to finesse@pricelesstay.com within 30 business days, a full refund will be honored.

Partial Refund: If the finesser is engaged in the experience but is not satisfied & the finesser requests a refund via email to finesse@pricelesstay.com within 30 business days, a 50% refund will be honored.