Whether you’re saving for your first home or just want to learn how to get your finances in order (it’s better late than never), then you’re going to want to tune in—literally—because we’ve uncovered some of the best finance podcasts out there. If you need a break from reading books and blogs on finance, podcasts are a fresh and free way to learn lots of useful information. Clear your schedule and tune into these finance podcasts that will level up your money game immediately. We’ve curated a list of the best finance podcasts for women, entrepreneurs, and beginners available on the web.

Finance Podcast
If you want to learn about any of the topics below, these finance podcasts got you covered. 

  • retirement
  • savings
  • avoiding and getting out of debt
  • budgeting
  • money mindset hacks
  • investing
  • side hustles
  • entrepreneurship
  • investing
  • credit cards
  • And so much more!

This post is all about the 10 best finance podcasts

⬇️ Best Finance Podcasts for Women

Money With Katie

This podcast serves as a women’s guide to shaping the life you desire by mastering your cash flow and adopting straightforward investment strategies. It delves into fostering a healthy relationship with money and cultivating a money mindset for achieving success. These bite-sized episodes are ideal for tuning in during your morning commute or unwinding after a long day at work.



Martinis and Your Money

This podcast was designed for the girlies. Honestly, it’s pretty iconic that Shannon McLay, the podcast host, sips on martinis while addressing the topic of money. Martinis and Your Money delves into every aspect of personal finance in a digestible way. It’s the perfect podcast for anyone who is having trouble saving money, needs help getting that raise at work, or is just inexperienced with most financial concepts.


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Her Money Podcast

A lot of us are just embarking on the scary journey of adulting.Her Money happens to be the go-to podcast for those overwhelmed by taxes, tackling student loans, and navigating retirement plans. Jean Chatzky guides every listener through the necessary steps to ensure a comfortable and stress-free tomorrow, providing up-to-date research, expert tips, and personalized advice.


Finance Podcasts For Beginners

My Millennial Money

My Millennial Money is hosted by Glen James and John Pidgeon, two money experts. This financial podcast examines money-related topics humorously for Gen Z and millennials. Give these guys a listen if you’d like to learn more about saving, investing, and the impact it can have on your financial situation.


So Money

Fronted by recognized personal finance guru Farnoosh Torabi, “So Money” has been ranked as the best female-hosted podcast by Entrepreneur magazine. She goes over every fundamental aspect of managing money. Everything from starting your own business to handling finances as a couple to paying off debt can be absorbed from this podcast. The podcast features stories drawn from the real-life experiences of Torabi and her guests. “So Money” is one of the best finance podcasts available for those who are just starting out on their personal finance journey.


Finance Podcasts for Business Owners

Money Confidential

This podcast is osted by the well-known personal finance writer Stefanie O’Connell Rodriguez. Stefanie is well-known for her perceptive talks about the unique difficulties that women face in their careers and with their finances. This podcast explores important personal finance topics like saving, spending, investing, and other topics that are frequently difficult to master. Every Money Confidential episode acknowledges the influence of emotions on financial decisions while offering actionable advice that you can implement right away.


Brown Ambition Podcast

 The Brown Ambition Podcast, created by women for women, is co-hosted by Mandi and Tiffany. They address listener questions about money, careers, and business each week. Mandi, a seasoned finance editor with years of experience, and Tiffany, a best-selling personal finance author, combine their expertise in finance to make Brown Ambition one of the greatest financial podcasts for women.


Girls That Invest

This podcast is for the girls who want to make money moves. This podcast is made to make investing this much more accessible! They focus on complex topics broken down into bite-sized portions that can be easily digested. Invest your time in this podcast!


This post was all about the best 10 finance podcasts.

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