Welcome to Priceless tay, I’m so excited to meet you!

I am the self-help, finance-focused girl who started the Gen Z financial literacy movement on TikTok in 2019.

After undergoing a life-changing surgery (spinal fusion from scoliosis for my scoli-gang) in 2014, I’ve been obsessed with maximizing my money and optimizing my time to make both work more for me.

Wherever you are in your life, I hope that I can help you thrive, not just survive.

How it All started

the priceless Journey

The glaring absence of financial education in college (even as a Business major concentrating in Finance & Management) was the reason why I started Priceless Tay. At the time, 6 out of 50 states in the US were required to learn about personal finance in school. This scary statistic challenged me to make it my mission to end the silent pandemic of financial illiteracy.

That mission has spread far and wide to millions of people on the internet. Priceless Tay has been featured in numerous media outlets, including Good Morning America, FOX Business, Yahoo Finance, Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, Fortune, MarketWatch, and New York Times. We’ve collaborated with renowned companies like Invesco, Amazon, Quickbooks, and Experian. We’ve even delivered speeches at prestigious organizations such as Nasdaq, Google, and various startups.

As my platform grew, I was deeply moved by the stories of those I had helped. It became clear that there was a pressing need for more than my efforts. To serve more people, I decided to go from full-time operator to owner, thus growing Priceless Tay into a small team (which is why you might see “we”, “us”, or “our”).

Realizing the potential for even greater impact, I co-founded Dfinitiv, a startup that would revolutionize the way people spend and save. By maximizing deals, discounts, and offers, Dfinitiv aims to empower individuals to get their money’s worth with every purchase.

I am proud to say that my years of dedication to financial activism have led to numerous accolades, including being named one of GoBankingRates’ TOP 100 Financial Experts – the youngest on the roster and the only woman in the social media category. Today, I continue to strive for financial empowerment, shaping the next generation’s perspective on financial literacy and inspiring them to financially thrive, not just survive.

UPDATE: I’m excited to share this statistic is moving up with 7 out of 50 states requiring financial education.

Financially Thrive, Not just Survive

People come here for aspiring posts on how to live a luxurious lifestyle without a hefty price tag. Sometimes, that price tag might even mean your time.

At Priceless Tay, you can expect:

  • To Financially Thrive: Dive into everything from saving tips to budgeting methods that allow you to enjoy life’s pleasures now while securing your financial future.
  • To Elevate Your Everyday Experiences: Whether you’re looking to refine your daily routines or find joy in the small things, we inspire a richer, more fulfilling lifestyle without necessitating a lavish expenditure.
  • To Join a Supportive Community: Engage with others who are on the same journey, share tips, and offer support. Whether through comments, social media, or direct contact, you’re part of a network of people who value smart living.
Wondering where to start?

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