Welcome fellow work-from-homers! Now that so many of us have converted to a remote working environment, what are the essentials for the ideal work from home office setup?

Since I’ve been working for myself for a while, I’ve built up a list of essentials that are necessary for any productive home office setup

I’ve put together a list of must-haves for working from home that will completely transform your home office setup.

This post is all about 15 must-have things you need for your home office setup.

work from home essentials

My work-from-home office setup​

UMAY Walking Pad

One of my favorite investments for my work-from-home setup was this walking pad. Although I am gutted to see that it’s much cheaper now than when I bought mine last year! This thing comes in handy when I still want to move my body but need to be at my desk for the majority of the day.

Standing Desk

This adjustable standing desk is perfect to pair with the walking pad. I love this desk because it’s functional and doesn’t take up too much room. If you work from home, you need to invest in one of these; it’s a game changer! 

Balance Ball Chair

If you are working in a chair all day you know how hard it is to keep good posture. This chair has been a lifesaver for me to practice better posture during the workday. Plus, it’s a great way to work on your core strength while typing away at your desk! 

Laptop Riser

As for your computer setup, I highly recommend an adjustable computer stand. It can be rotated 360 degrees for the perfect angle and is compatible with all 10″–17″ laptops. It helps to clear up my desk space and creates a more productive work-from-home setup.

Monitor Riser

If you’ve got two monitors, this riser is essential. I love that it helps maximize my desk space and organization. 

Leather Desk Pad

I recently added this to my office setup, and I adore it! It can accommodate a mouse, a keypad, and my morning matcha latte. It makes my desk arrangement look cuter and more organized!

I always have running “to do” lists when working from home, and whiteboards help me so much with my lists or jotting down any random ideas I might get during the day! I like to keep this small one on my desk and it has a phone stand which comes in handy.

Office Blanket

When working from home, I love to be cozy, because if not, what’s the point? I always have this blanket in my office, and it’s cute, which is a bonus!

Amazon Echo Dot

This thing is like my personal office assistant. I sync it up with my calendar so it can list everything I have for that day. I also love that it has a speaker and, honestly, a pretty good one! You can use it to set timers to increase productivity throughout the day.

Headphone Stand

I love starting my workday with a clean desk setup. This thing is perfectly designed to hold your headphones when not in use, helps declutter your workspace, and gives you more room to work with.

Coffee Mug Warmer

I’m personally not a big coffee drinker but I love having tea during my workday. This thing is perfect to keep your coffee (or tea) hot in the morning! It comes in a variety of cute colors too! 

Blue Light Glasses

If you’re staring at a screen for hours on end (which, let’s be honest, we all are), it’s important to protect your eyes from harmful blue light. These glasses may not be the most fashionable accessory, but trust me, your eyes will thank you later.

Essential Oil Diffuser

Putting my favorite essential oils in this lil cutie and letting the aroma waft through the house is just so nice when I’m working from home.

iRobot Vacuum

Seriously, investing in this iRobot vacuum has made my life SO MUCH EASIER. I’ve found that since I spend so much more time at home, so many more dust bunnies and crumbs accumulate around the house. This little guy was so worth the investment to me.

Cute House Slippers

Everyone needs a pair of comfy house slippers! These slippers are my new go-to and now my feet are safe from my frigid winter floors. 

Rocketbook Smart Notebook

This smart notebook is pretty magical if you jot down lots of notes and brainstorm big ideas on paper! It uses special paper and pens which allow you to write things down as normal, but then snap a photo to scan your notes to be stored digitally and then erase your paper so you can use it again and again.

This post was all 15 must-have things you need for your home office setup.​

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